About US

Ugly Glass & Company was created when opportunity knocked and Jenny and Skip Alexander opened its door in 2012. 
Ugly Glass is the name created by Skip for his line of hand torched glass jewelry.  It has been such a catchy name that draws attention at art shows that we decided to continue using it for our store front.  Skip will also be working on his glass in the shop, which also draws onlookers.  The ‘& Company’ was added to include other artists work.  We are happy to support the Handmade in the USA movement.

Jenny & Skip have been selling their handmade jewelry at art and craft shows for over 10 years.  They have sold wholesale and consignment, have had good and bad experiences, and have learned many things over the last 10 years that they put into practice in their own store front.


Kansas City West Bottoms
1219 West 11th Street; Kansas City, MO 64101
The corner of 11th St. & Mulberry