Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meet Our Artist...Nicole Wall of ni-chern designs


By: Nicole Wall

I started making key fobs about 4 years ago. I took a day off from work one    Friday. I really don't remember why, I think I had something going on. I thought that I would go to Super Target, and get a few things. You know, run errands before stores get too busy.
As I walked by the clothing area, I stopped by and looked around, glanced, picked up a few clothes, put it back on the rack, etc... I walked around the     grocery side, cleaning supplies, etc. After I was done looking, shopping, I walked to the registers, and realized... oh no! my key! where is it?! At this time, my key was just on a split ring, I usually put it on my finger... it was gone! I had absolutely NO idea where I put it! I was panicking! I back-tracked where I walked, looked at the clothes that I looked at, went through the grocery area, the cleaning supplies, etc... no where. I was totally freaking out at this point. I'm a bit paranoid too, I was thinking the worst... what if someone took the key and is stealing my car RIGHT NOW!... totally not probable, but you never know!... right? Ha ha!
I went to customer service, the lady said they'll let me know when it shows up. I was still panicking. What was I supposed to do while I wait for the key just to walk up to the counter and say ‘hey, looking for me?’
So, I called my husband, at least I had my phone on me! He came by with a spare key and I drove home... freaking out to myself.  I seriously called that Target like every half an hour! I was sure that they were tired of hearing my voice!
It was about two hours later, I called again, and they said that they found it. It was hooked onto a hanger! One of the employees saw it when she was putting some clothes back on the racks.  The key must have been on my finger, and it slipped onto a hanger. Oh my goodness! Yes, this is my silly story of losing my key at Target and why I started making key fobs.  Look at these keys…. Taunting me.
My company name, Ni-Chern (pronouced: Nee-Churn), is my Chinese name, which means little girl.  All of my items are hand sewn by me. Styles of fabrics in a specific bag style are all limited because they are all one of a kind! I use materials that I know are good quality and/or condition.
My key fobs are great for keys, but they are also great for all those little rewards cards you get at all the big box stores. 
What could you do with your key fob?

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