Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trunk Show Opportunities

Ugly Glass & Company has a couple of trunk show opportunities throughout the year.  Trunk shows give artists the opportunity to sell at a store front without incurring allot of costs.  Ugly Glass & Company will handle all sales for the artist for a percentage of sales.  The artist is welcome to work their table at the trunk show and tell customers about their work or provide promotional materials at their table.

The artist will be provided one 4 foot table.  Artists provides and sets up the display and the product.  The trunk show will be for two days, occasionally 3, and will coincide with other events happening in our area.  Artists agree to help promote the trunk show before and during the trunk show.  A detailed inventory sheet must be provided to Ugly Glass & Co.

Artists are carefully chosen and Ugly Glass reserves the right to reject any pieces it so wishes.

2012 Trunk Show Dates:
August 24 & 25 - Camaro Fest on the Square - August 25th.
October 4, 5, & 6 - Girls Night Out - October 4th.
Ocotber 26 & 27 - Haloween Parade - October 27th.
November 16 & 17 - Holiday Tree Lighting & Holiday Open House - November 17th.

If you are interested in applying, please submit the following information to
  • Name:
  • E-mail Address:
  • Description of your art:
  • Photos or links to your artwork online:
  • Where else do you sell your work:
  • What means do you plan to use to promote your trunk show?
  • What dates are you interested in for a trunk show?

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